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Thread: Wanted Lottery Tickets

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    Wanted Lottery Tickets

    I am a collector of lottery tickets, scratched,sample voids and paper tickets...Especially looking for box lots of foreign tickets. I periodically have small lots of stamps for trading, both US and foreign. I am not a stamp collector therefore these are just stamps I come by while trading lottery tickets. Any help appreciated. Thanx much ...Rolland

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    Re: Wanted Lottery Tickets

    Lotteries..."A tax on those, who are bad at maths"

    Lotteries on stamps:
    NZ have a "scratch and win" stamp
    Austria: have covers (envelopes) made from lottery propaganda
    Japan: lottery stamps, lottery stamps on cover, lottery postcards
    France: have a lottery stamp
    South Africa: lottery stamps
    Estonia: Lottery stamp
    Holland: lottery stamp
    Norway: lottery stamp

    example of early western australian (circa 1970's)
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    Re: Wanted Lottery Tickets

    Australian Lottery Cover (I would estimate this being around 1939)
    from other ephemera in the lot.[attachment=149vx7o4]1a.JPG[/attachment49vx7o4][attachment=049vx7o4]3a.JPG[/attachment49vx7o4]
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    Re: Wanted Lottery Tickets

    New Zealand Scratch and win 1996
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    Question I am also a lottery collector


    I collect also lottery tickets from all the world, perhaps you could trade.

    Happy collecting


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